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Founder Margaret Njuguna

Board of Directors & Staff

En-Gedi Children’s Home has a Board of 7 men and women of integrity. Background of Margaret Njuguna, the founder of En-Gedi founder: Margaret worked in missions in different countries for over 20 years and in her work with communities, learned that many people regarded disabled children as either bad omens, curses, bewitchment, or just shameful. This belief, though just a myth, led to many disabled children being hidden and isolated from other people and other children.

Some communities even wished such children dead while others sacrificed them to the witchdoctors. To many people, even in the affluent communities, having a handicapped child is not something to talk about. And with a belief that any living child bears the image of God, regardless of their physical looks, Margaret began this ministry founded on the main principal of love. En-Gedi Children’s Home cares for children with disabilities from guardians/parents who have had some challenges caring for such children.   We are mostly linked up with such children through Community Organizations, Churches, and through our linkages with the local government officials.  

We normally meet with the parents/guardians and talk about the background of the children, the challenges in raising them, and ways we can help each other raise children in a way that they have good care, are well fed and their other needs met.  We take in children from willing guardians who also agree to periodically visit  En-Gedi Home to keep their connection with their children.

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