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Many of us would be somewhat apprehensive of changing our vocation after working nearly thirty years with another entity. Margaret had been working with World Renew in many different countries and knew her way around as well as understood the culture of the people. One thing in particular bothered her as she visited her homeland. Margaret remarked that she never sees disabled children on the streets or yards. Where are these children? As this wore heavily on her mind, she pondered on what could be done for them. Margaret moved back to Kenya to set up a home for the disabled children who were either thrown out to wild animals or hidden in dark rooms. Margaret knew she had to do something to save these beautiful children. Having read 1 Samuel 23:23 – 24:2. Margaret named the home “En-gedi Children’s Home”. En-gedi was a place of refuge for David as King Saul pursued him with intent to kill him. Fleeing from King Saul, David hides in the strongholds at En Gedi. Margaret knew she had to start a home, a place of refuge, for these forgotten children. Ms. Njuguna’s prior training in social work and finance has given her the tools she needed to start En-gedi Children’s Home. Along with rescuing the children, Ms. Njuguna witnesses to families and teaches them about God’s love for these special children. “Taking care of these children and sharing love has brought me very close to God as many times I keep checking myself out regarding the call to serve. Sometimes children can wear one out especially when doing exercises on the floor. The different ways they express their joy keep humbling me an keeping me rededicating myself to His service. Our children are the happiest – and those who visit us can attest to that. The continuing improvement in their different faculties keeps affirming our motto “Doing our Best and God Doing the Rest”.” Ms. Njuguna acknowledged. Margaret Njuguna’s courage comes from the Lord. She listened and obeyed the Holy Spirit’s call upon her life.

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