Background of En-Gedi founder: ​

The founder of En-Gedi worked in missions in different countries for over 20 years and in her work with communities, learned that many people regarded disabled children as either bad omens, curses, bewitchment, or just shameful.  This belief, though just a myth, led to many disabled children being hidden and isolated from other people and other children.  Some communities even wished such children dead while others sacrificed them to the witchdoctors.   To many people, even in the affluent communities, having a handicapped child is not something to talk about.    And with a belief that any living child bears the image of God, regardless of their physical looks, the founder began this ministry founded on the main principal of love. 



En-Gedi Children’s Home enriches the lives of children with special needs through collaborating with families, government departments, like- minded agencies, faith-based organizations, and corporations, to build a continuum of compassionate care.



En-Gedi Children’s Home will be the model for best practices in the support and care for children with special needs.


The overall goal of En-Gedi Children’s Home is to provide a special home that will offer children with disabilities a healthy and safe environment where they can grow, learn, thrive and develop to their fullest potential.  The Home will provide a calm and comfortable setting in which children are surrounded by caring and dedicated staff who will encourage and nurture the children every moment of the day.


The En-Gedi Children’s Home:

  • Will promote community awareness and care for children with disabilities, and other vulnerable children – including orphaned and abandoned children.
  • Will act with dignity, respect and compassion and thus be respectful of the privacy of each child and family, treating them with dignity and respect and, above all else, compassion.
  • Will foster trust. Recognizing the awesome responsibility we have in serving children with disabilities, we will encourage known families to be active partners in their children’s care.
  • Will solicit for and provide child support through programs that would provide the necessary basic needs for children with various disabilities.
  • Will endeavor to help many Kenyan couples and single parents raising children with disabilities to get a place where such children could be cared for, and given opportunities to unleash their potential; thus allowing parents to engage in other social economic activities without worrying about that disabled child left at home.
  • Will promote and encourage charitable endeavors by way of voluntary work, missionary work or other lawful charitable activity by mobilizing both local and external resources towards the welfare of children with disabilities.
  • Will encourage and establish educational and cross-cultural exchange programs with other Homes and organizations working with people with disabilities.
  • Will establish school sponsorship, skills training and recreational programs as well as provide spiritual guidance through rehabilitation and vocational activities.
  • Will collaborate and network with other like-minded agencies and government departments locally and internationally, having similar objectives in order to maximize benefits for children with disabilities.