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In Africa and elsewhere many people regard disabled children as a bad omen, a curse on their family, or just plain shameful. Often these beautiful children are hidden and isolated from other people and other children.
Here at En-gedi we have seen great transformation take place in the lives of the children. We have seen despair and despression turn into happiness, singing and playing. Parents often get tears in their eyes when they come to visit and see the change in their children.

Our children are abled differently and following are some accomplishments for us to rejoice in:

Jeremiah – this lovely boy, deaf from an ear infection immediately after birth came to us in May and his only movements were on his tummy – slithering on the floor.  Six weeks later, he bent his knees and lay on his elbows and attempted to crawl. In middle July, he lifted his elbows and attempted to crawl normally.  It did not matter how many times his wrists gave up and how many times he cried from hitting the floor with his forehead, Jeremiah wanted to crawl normally – and he soon did.  In mid-August, we taught him how to hold a spoon and soon Jeremiah started feeding himself and not just that, but we helped him to start to stand.   Though still weak at the lower back and ankles, Jeremiah is the most improved of our kids. 

The other child who has made very notable improvement is Godfrey, the only child who can talk and feed himself. He cannot walk though.    Godfrey has learned how to use blocks to make different images and he is apparently gifted in creativity.  He has also learned how to color and is enjoying it a lot.  He often brings tears to many who visit him at En-Gedi Home when he shares his dream of walking to school “when God helps him to walk” as he puts it.  I have already taken him to an orthopedic hospital, got him checked out, x-rayed and assessed for surgery to correct twisted legs.   About US$2000 will get him operated on his weak right leg and a pin to help his left knee to straighten it up a bit.  

Below re videos of some of our beloved children and the accomplishments they have made so far. “We do our best and God does the rest!

It is amazing what these children can do. One little boy has learned to walk and is pleased to show his progress to you. One little girl, born with no arms, is happy to let you know she gets around quite well. She is a leader and often leads the children in singing.  A small boy was brought to us. He could not move. He  has learned to lay on his tummy, lift his elbows up and attempt crawling. After many tries, and many little bumps on his forehead from falling foreward, he now crawls. The children are courageous and determined. There are many other examples of growth that will warm your heart and I will post them from time to time.

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