En-Gedi Children’s Home March 2020 update

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En-Gedi Children’s Home March 2020 update

Greetings dear co-workers in the Lord!  Though in March already, allow me to salute you all with New Year greetings and wish you God’s blessings each day of 2020. 

We had a lovely end of 2019 and a good beginning of 2020 and so far, we rejoice in God’s love, protection and providence.

On Christmas day, like many families, we shared a Christmas cake and David helped me cut it. 

Sometimes last year, we received visitors from Safaricom, the largest mobile phone company in Kenya – who were very pleased with what we do at En-Gedi Home.  After a few months, that visit translated to a donation of nine cerebral palsy wheelchairs complete with tables.   Indeed God provided what we needed.  Praise Him for this connection. May God bless the staff and Trustees of Safaricom Foundation.

We praise God for THREE kids whose abilities have improved big time:  Lucky Kalunde, our 7 year old girl is now fully potty-trained as of early February this year.   And John, after a long wait in teaching him, is now able to feed himself; and Rose, our lovely and smiling girl can now wheel herself forward and backwards and enjoys a lot when we are outside.  Glory and honor go to our God for these physical and notable improvements.   All the kids continue to improve in their own ways and for this, I say “thank you” to God!

We love visitors! In January, we had a young girl from Germany who stayed with us for a month; and earlier this month, we hosted 4 ladies from Minnesota.


We welcome friends to come and experience the joy of serving God together.


Praises/thanks:  a) Thank God for good health for all the children and the caregivers; b) Thank God for wonderful friends and supporters; c) Praise God for His continued provisions towards our needs; d) Thank God for continued improvement in the ablilities of our children. 

Prayer requests:  a) please join us in prayer that God will take away the coronavirus – 3 cases already confirmed; b) pray that God will continue to grant us peace in our country (so much politics going on); c) pray for one of our children – Lucky Kalunde whose eyes need some kind of expert medical attention. 

Special thanks to all who continue to keep us in prayer; those who financially and materially support us; those who visit us and all who think of us and wish us God’s blessings.  You positively touch lives with me.  May our loving God bless you in a very special way. 



Margaret Njuguna

Founder/Director    –     En-Gedi Children’s Home               megnjuguna@gmail.com                           


None of us can help everyone.  But all of us can help someone and when we help them, we serve Jesus (Max Lucado)

2019 Christmas Greetings

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2019 Christmas Greetings

God is faithful, loving, caring and always present with us.  He has given us a beautiful year and this far, He has been our Ebenezer!  Through all of you our friends, our supporters in thoughts, prayers, material and financial gifts and through communication and visitation, we smile together and say “glory and honor belong to our God”.  We are all well, healthy and smiling to know that we are loved!  


Christmas is here, and although we are not able to do much with the children, we make joyful noises to God, praising him with the few who can put some words together and clap in joyful singing.  Besides David who talks fluently, 3 other children have learned several words and are able to join in the singing and also in our learning class.  Like we have done many times before, we plan to participate in Christmas carols in a couple Churches with 5 children who sing and enjoy being in a Church.  We look forward to that. 

With lots of love, we wish you all special Christmas season filled with God’s blessings and also a happy and prosperous New Year 2020. 


Praises and prayer requests: 

Praises:   Praise God with us for a year full of blessings.  Its been a year of good health for the children and the caregivers; Praise God for the many people who visited us this year and experienced the presence and the love of God in our Home.  Pray for continued health for all of us; for continued improvement in the various abilities of our children; for 2 children ready to join En-Gedi, but whose birth certificates need to be processed.  it has taken unreasonably too long.  Pray also that we will have a joyous Christmas season. 


May the blessings of peace, the beauty of hope, the spirit of love and the comfort of faith be your gifts this Christmas.  


From all of us at En-Gedi Children’s Home.


Margaret Njuguna

En-Gedi Children’s Home, P.O. Box 763-00204 Athi River, Kenya. 

Tel. +254-710-395756; +254-733-972027.


Web: https://en-gedichildrenwithhope.org                         megnjuguna@gmail.com

Christmas 2018 Greetings from En-Gedi

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Christmas 2018 Greetings from En-Gedi

Dear co-workers in the Lord’s ministry:


Please receive our special 2018 Christmas greetings and best wishes for the new year 2019!


We are grateful to God for another beautiful year full of blessings; and for seeing God at work with us and in our lives; grateful that you have continued with us in this life transforming ministry.


En-Gedi Home has continued to be a safe haven for children with special needs and we have witnessed tremendous improvement in the abilities of the children – both physical and mental.  From just one child who could talk at the beginning of this year, we now have 3 and 2 others gaining new words consistently.  When we sing together, we now can hear more clear words than just a few months ago.  Two children are able to hold support and stand for a few minutes at a time.   As we do our best in caring for these children, God will continue to do the rest in their lives.  Thank you for the many prayers you offer for us and for your continued financial support. 

We already enjoyed our Christmas cake, though we still expect a few more from community people who have called to say they will bring cakes to the children on Christmas day. 

And, God continued to send welwishers to us to bring foodstuff and other goodies for these lovely children.  Glory and honor belong to our God.  Our pantry has enough food & supplies to take us another two months. 

October 2018 Update

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En-Gedi Children’s Home – October 2018 Update

Dear friends and servants with me, receive warm greetings from me and my En-Gedi family! 

I am encouraged by the words of 2nd Chronicles 15:7 “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded”.  And I read this verse with Colossians 3: 23&24 – “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” 

These last couple months have been hard seeing one of our kids consistently trying to keep alive.  As much as I said I would be prepared for any eventualities related to the lives of these God’s special children, I get overcome by compassion and I keep

reminding myself that “at En-Gedi, we do our best and God does the rest”.  This boy – SONTO has a spine that curves to the back and it’s been so hard on his chest when both his head and his legs curve so strong in endless convulsions.  The specialist has said Sonto is not sick and that we just keep administering the tablet to reduce convulsions.  Please keep praying with me for Sonto and for peace. 

We are otherwise all fine and continue to witness God’s presence with us and His providence in our everyday lives.  Besides the challenges related to disability, we have had no sick children to warrant us to go to the hospital.  Glory and honor are to our God.  The caregivers are all fine and happily serving with me. 

Since the last update, God has provided resources for a back-up generator that makes our training centre cum guesthouse sell better.  Although we have not had any groups renting, we have had many enquiries and we are hopeful for income generation through this facility.  

Our garden is a resource for spinach, carrots, kale, plantains (cooking bananas) and papaya fruits. This helps us save money for other necessary supplies. 

Please accept my thanks and great appreciation for your continued prayers, thoughts and financial support.  Together, we are making a difference in the lives of these children, their families and the community as a whole. 

Pray with us for continued God’s guidance as we make decisions to take in more children; for continued health and strength for all of us.  Thank God with us for providing finances to build the children’s playground.  Thus far, the Lord has helped us!

Many blessings to you all,

Margaret Njuguna

Founder/Director – En-Gedi Children’s Home, P. O. Box 763-00204 Athi River, Kenya. 


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2018 Dedication


Dear beloved friends and supporters:  first and foremost is to thank you all for warm welcome when I was in your country last spring/early summer.  Our time together was a blessed time.  Secondly, please allow me to share this pictorial memorable event of our July 7 En-Gedi facility dedication.  You were all well represented by 17 guests from the US and Canada who attended the event.
Dedication Speech given by Ms.Margaret Njuguna on July 7, 2018.
  • Is it true: – that if you have a child with disability some people will stare at you?
  • Is it true that some people will look away from you?
  • Is it true that some people will think there is a curse or a bad omen in your family?
  • Is it true that some people will think you are bewitched?
  • Is it true that you will lose some of your friends?
  • Is it true that some marriages will break? Is it true that no one will want to babysit your child?
  • Is it true that some family members will ostracize you?
  • Is it true that you will be ashamed of that child?
  • Is it true that you will not want other people to know about it and that you will keep that child away from the public?
These are some of the challenges faced by parents with children with disabilities – and they are real challenges! I know that God calls people to special jobs – because he called me.  From a high profile job to a much higher profile job.   For 27 years, my work with the Christian Reformed Church of North America was working with people.  I worked with people on 2 levels.   Level 1 was with people who were Christian leaders, teaching them to be Shepherds for all, and not just to those who came to Church on Sundays. Level 2 was with people who were economically and socially poor – helping them improve their economic and social status. During these years, my eyes caught the attention of some special people who were completely left out in both levels of my work.  These were disabled people who lived in the streets – begging.    My heart went out to them and I started befriending them – to know them and hear their stories.   After many years of wondering what I needed to do to change the sad stories, I made a decision to quit my job, return home in Kenya and start a ministry that would help address some of the challenges faced by those closely affected by disability.  I started En-Gedi in mid 2014 with a mission to provide a special home that would offer children with disabilities a healthy and safe environment where they would grow, learn, thrive and develop to their fullest potential.  And in so doing, be a help to parents of such kids. I started by renting a small 3 bedroom house in Muigai Estate which filled up with 12 kids in just about one year. As a normal practise with me, I asked God what next and He led me to planning for buying land and building a bigger home for His children.  In about 2 and half years, He provided resources to purchase this land and to build up this beautiful facility.  God indeed has been our Ebenezer! En-Gedi Home provides a calm and a comfortable setting in which children are surrounded by caring and dedicated staff who encourage and nurture the children every moment of the day.  I belief the author who said “that in every society, disabled children have the same social needs as other children. They need to be loved and appreciated; they need to play and explore their world with other children and adults; they need opportunities to develop and use their bodies and minds to their fullest ability, whatever that may be; they need to feel welcome and appreciated by their family and in the community”. End of quote. One thing that is common to all of us – regardless of our physical or mental abilities is the breath of life that only God gives.  Sometimes I have wondered why a young surgeon who saves lives in a most reputable hospital drops dead while an En-Gedi child whose brain is 90% damaged and totally useless to itself keeps alive. The breath of life indeed belongs not to us, but to our creator.  Our Mission states that En-Gedi Children’s Home enriches the lives of children with special needs through collaborating with families, government departments, like- minded agencies, faith-based organizations, and corporations, to build a continuum of compassionate care.   I am grateful to God that he has touched many of you here today to be part of this life transforming ministry and I pray that the relationship we have started with you will grow and deepen so that we are able to help many more children with special needs. It’s my plan to liaise with county and national government offices dealing with special needs people so that together we can train the community people to appreciate and care for children with disabilities as well as mentor those willing to start a ministry like En-Gedi.   It’s also my plan to deepen our relationship with these 2 levels of government so that En-Gedi can be one of the beneficiaries of resources allocated for disability.  I would like to appreciate all of you here – who have in one way or other contributed to the success of En-Gedi Children’s Home. I will not be able to appreciate each one of you, but God knows you by name and knows what you do for these His special children.  Let us continue to love and care for them and in so doing, keep beautifying our eternal crowns up in glory.  My appeal to you all:
  • Please keep supporting us in whatever way you are able to
  • Link us up with people who support community work like this one
  • Tell others that we have a guest house and a conference centre that we rent out to raise support for En-Gedi children
  • Keep us in prayer for God’s continued blessings of health and improvement of ability for our children
I will end with this prayer: Lord, make me a light of who You are that all may see You and give You glory.  Let not only my heart be set on your worship, but I pray that others would worship You and dance for joy because of the works of love You do through me.  Yes, Lord, I pray that as I love them, caring for their needs and nourishing their hearts, that You would replenish their souls that they should have a heart of joy to worship You as you have given me.  I pray that You would make me the image of your love and that I would worship You not only with my mouth but with all I do.  Amen.

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