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En-Gedi Children’s Home – November 2017 update

Greetings to you all my friends and partners in serving God’s children!


“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them” Hebrews 6:10 (NIV)

Please accept my great appreciation to you all for walking with us at En-Gedi with your prayers, financial support, visits, e-mails and cards.  May the God we serve together do you good!   


We are all fine and enjoying each day that God grants to us. Our children have continued to improve in their different abilities – both mental and physical.  To highlight just a few – John who couldn’t say a word 2 years ago when he joined En-Gedi has now over 20 words and most of them quite clear; Michael who just a few months ago started sitting on his own with some back support is now able to move with his back all over the room.  For the first time, he is now able to turn from laying on his back to laying on his tummy; Angel, our little armless girl is talking almost fluently now. It’s amazing how much all the children have improved.  Glory and honor are to our God.

Since the last update, God has provided resources for a back-up generator that makes our training centre cum guesthouse sell better.  Although we have not had any groups renting, we have had many enquiries and we are hopeful for income generation through this facility.  

On September 24, two of my staff and I took 5 children with us to a Presbyterian Church that helped resuce our girl Rose.  We were warmly received and with our children, we presented a praise chorus and I shared about seeing God’s face in disability.  Educating the community on disability is one of our goals.

On our last wrap towards moving to our new facility

Main entrance

     my office (to the right)   

storage room

therapy room

Working on final touches of the driveway, parking and gardens.                  Paving blocks being laid out.

Paving of the grounds is expected to be complete in another 10 days.  Soon after, I will have my Board members, parents & guardians of our children; my Church leadership and a couple prayer groups that I belong to come to make a “thanksgiving prayer to God” and dedicate the facility to God’s ministry.  It actually might coincide with your Thanksgiving and if so, lets plan to thank God together for His doings. 


Official inauguration is tentatively scheduled for July 7, 2018 and I am extending a very warm invitation to any of you who is able to travel to attend this occasion.  Meanwhile, I plan to travel to the U.S. and Canada (just Alberta) from mid April to end of May 2018.  This trip is to visit my N. America supporting families and congregations to personally say “thank you” and to share pictures and videos of En-GediI will correspond directly with many of you on these plans so that we work on my visit together.   


Soon after moving into this new facility, we will take in 3 or 4 waitlisted children. Individual families and congregations in our neighborhood have given us enough food and clothing to immediately support these additions.  And I am sure as we gradually take in more and more children, God will continue to increase our financial resources to cope with the growth of En-Gedi ministry.   Below are some of our waitlisted kids on the higher priority list:

Praises and prayer requests

Thank God fora) the far He has brought us in building this His ministry; b) for continued peace in Kenya despite some challenges we experienced after the national elections back in August; c) for rains all over the country after over a year of failed rains that caused drought and famine in many parts of Kenya.   Pray that: a) God will give us a good transition as we plan to move in to our new facility; b) that God will continue to guide me as I make plans for travels to North America in the spring; c) that Kenya remains to be peaceful.   I appreciate your support in raising the Contractors retention fee – half of which have to be paid on handover of the facility at the end of November. 


Together in His service,


Margaret Njuguna –