En-Gedi Children’s Home – March 2022 Update

March 2022 Update

Greetings dear friends and co-workers in the Kingdom: Receive warm greetings from all of us at En-Gedi Home. Our loving and caring God has been faithful to us and I belief to you if you are reading this update. Since the last update in December, we have all been fine, healthy and continuing with our routine. Our children have continued to progress in different ways – some improving in their abilities and some slowing down as they gain weight and grow older. But all in all, En-Gedi remains a Home of compassionate care driven by our belief that every child bears the image of God, regardless of the conditon of their physical body.

Times have been tough for many people in this country and challenges don’t seem to loosen the grip. With the ever rising cost of living and joblessness amongst our graduates, our only hope seems to just be in God, the author and finisher of our faith. I thank God that at En-Gedi Home, we have not lacked in any way. Our needs have been met, many through some of you who God has sent to us. We are thankful that the pandemic is almost a thing of the past now and we pray that no more mutants will be born. We have gone through two years of huge challenges and God has seen us through. Now our attention is on Ukraine and Russia and we are daily interceding for the many Ukrainians who have experienced untold suffering due to the invasion by Russia. Our attention also needs to be drawn to the political campaigns and coming soon elections in August. Let’s not relent in praying for peace in our country.

Just before Christmas, I took on my 23rd child “Pendo” who came from a children’s orphanage that cares for normal children not far from us. Pendo has cerebral palsy, and had stayed at the orphanage for one year after being rescued by early morning joggers from a rail line. She is a lovely girl and has responded beautifully to our love.

And Alex, our youngest with mild cerebral palsy has so much improved in health and speech and recently started learning how to do coloring. He is the youngest at 3.2 years. We are patiently teaching him toileting and saying words.

I want to thank the many of you who bought my book “When God Calls”, and to those who have not yet bought a copy, I still have plenty in store. Just let me know if you want a copy.

Special thanks to all of you who continue to keep us in thoughts & prayer; who financially and materially support us; who visit us and all who write to us. You positively touch lives with me. May our loving God bless you in a very special way. I love you with the Lord of God.

Margaret Njuguna
En-Gedi Children’s Home
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Athi River, KENYA
Email: megnjuguna@gmail.com

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