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En-Gedi Children’s Home - June 2017 update

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service”. 1 Tim 1:12 (NIV)

Indeed I have the pleasure of once again updating you on where we are at as we begin the month of June.  First, I am very thankful to God our Father and our Lord Jesus for keeping us all in His good care, in good health and daily meeting our needs according to His riches in glory. 

Our children are growing bigger and bigger and each one improving in their different abilities in special ways.  Rose who has multiple brain challenges and overweight is finally able to lift herself up and is trying to crawl.  She has circular legs so the legs fold inside, but we trust God who always surpasses us in doing the rest.  Remember our motto is “we do our best and God does the rest”.


Then Michael – our oldest at 11yrs is now able to seat on his back against a wall for the first time.

We are thankful to God also that from May 15 to 18, we were privileged to host guests from Michigan and they helped both at the Children’s Home and also at the new En-Gedi construction site working alongside the Kenyan laborers. 

Out goes 2 girls: Lavency and Angle and in comes 2 boys: Mwangi and Mwongela  


And now a bit of picture show on where we are at with our construction.  

I had anticipated that we would be able to move into our new facility sometime during this month of June, but God had planned otherwise.  Construction is not done yet and we still do not have all the finances we need to complete the facility to a live-able condition.  I am humbled to say that “all things work together for good to them that love the Lord”.

My desire to get the building done quickly was based on the fact that we have not been able to rescue any new children since January 2016 when our 3-bedroomed house became full with 12 children and 3 full time helpers; our wait list for such kids has continued to grow longer and longer; three of our children are about too big to be in baby cots; and with the kids improving greatly in their abilities, we need more room for exercises. 


But, like I said, God’s plans are the best and my prayer is that I follow Him and not step ahead of him in any way.  On-going works at the facility include tiling the floors, bathrooms, external sanitation and drainage.  We still need to do internal woodwork – closets, shelving, etc, final painting, outside grounds, and complete the caretakers house. 

Please accept my sincere thanks for your continued support.  You are an amazing team – serving God alongside me.  You have not been tired of my many appeals to you; you have been ambassadors of En-Gedi and you have continuously written me notes of encouragement.  To those of you who have visited including Church groups and community people in my local town and beyond – thank you for giving us lots of foodstuff, clothing, and volunteer time with our kids.  May God do you good.

Please continue to pray with us for God’s provisions so that we complete this facility.  Besides being able to take on more kids, I am looking forward to holding training sessions to Church groups and community people from different parts of this country who would want to start organized care for such children as En-Gedi children.  With the growing publicity of En-Gedi, I get calls from different parts of the country to go rescue kids – but my plan is to teach people to not only see God in the lives of such children, but also to love and care for them within their own communities. 


Once again, thank you so much for your continued support.  I will keep you informed and work with you on planning for the official inauguration so that those willing and able to come can plan early. 


In His service,


Margaret Njuguna


En-Gedi Children’s Home