As soon as I started the ministry of En-Gedi, I was emotionally, though joyfully, shaken by the status of the children who had to find a home at En-Gedi.  Not just by neglect, but also by the children’s very limited abilities.  I prayed for extra grace, extra strength and for the nth time, I asked God to walk with me along the challenging journey. 

I had told God I would be His channel of love to those unloved and unwanted children and also a channel of light to shine in the darkness of superstitions, bad omens and curses associated with disability.   My commitment to God was that I would do my best and leave Him to do the rest. 


And that is how En-Gedi

MOTTO“We do our best and God does the rest” came into being.

Over the last 2.5 years, I have watched our children make mental and physical improvements in ways unexplainable.  Cramped up arms have opened up and out; legs that didn’t make any movements are being raised up and down trying to move; sad faces and sunken eyes are full of smiles and laughter and children who didn’t make any movements are now able to use their bodies to move from one place to another – regardless of their moving styles.  

None of our 12 children has been able to either stand or walk on their own, safe for Jeremiah who since a few months ago could use a walker to walk a bit.  In my November update, I shared about Jeremiah making his very first 3 steps on his own – despite his club feet.  From the last week of January this year, Jeremiah has been able to walk back and forth for a few minutes at a time – without any support.  This is remarkable given that when he joined En-Gedi  two years ago, he was prostrate on the floor pulling himself  slowly using his elbows.  Trying to raise his wrists to hold himself above the floor, he fell so many times that he had bumps on every part of his forehead.  God doing the rest surpasses our best all the time.  He makes impossibilities possible!  John, who is 1.5 years at En-Gedi came with no words at all; now he is able to clearly say 4 words; has learned to wave goodbye, is one of the 3 potty trained and he is not only able to wipe his drool, but also to wipe his wheelchair table.  Jessica whose both hands were cramped by her chest has one hand out and reaching out and holding things. Even Angel is now able to drink water using a straw while I hold a cup to her.

Jeremiah enjoying his walks around the room
I am delighted that God has allowed me to see Him at work right here with me.   Very special “thank you” to all of you who have through prayers, materials, finances and visits – supported this wonderful ministry.  Thank you for allowing God to use you as He is using me to share His love with these children, their families and the community.

En-Gedi new facility update

First, I would like to sincerely thank you for positively responding to our gifts ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  The 2 buildings are now roofed, inside walls plastered, window and door frames done, electrical works and plumbing done, electric power brought to the site, borehole drilled and perimeter walling done.  Major works still undone include fittings and furnishings, painting, tiling, outside paving, buying the water pump and constructing the storage tanks tower, among others.  us nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Praises and prayer requests

praise God for good health for the children and staff;  for all the people He has bought in to support En-Gedi here in Kenya and in North America; for changing attitudes towards children with special needs through En-Gedi ministry.  Pray for  continued good health for all of us;  for more resources to complete En-Gedi facility; for continued peace in Kenya – especially this year of political elections. 

Last word:  thank you all of you who uplifted me in prayer and sent words of comfort when I lost my mom towards end of November.  Thanks too for all those lovely Christmas cards and notes.  God bless.