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En-Gedi Children’s Home – Kenya - #6

In this update, we feature David Lonkututi who came to us 8 months ago.  He came looking very weak and didn’t talk.  His family said he did not know how to talk but just within a few days, he started responding to us talking Ki-Maasai – his mother tongue.  I was on the internet looking up words he was saying.  Then he started repeating every word we said to him and within a few weeks David was talking.  His family didn’t talk to him, so they assumed he couldn’t talk.  The other thing David could not do was to seat on his own or make any movements.  He learned how to move flat on the floor – slithering like a snake.  Then he learned how to raise his knees a bit, and the latest is David seating down on his own.  He builds blocks and is learning how to count and to write. 

Towards the end of February, we were privileged to have a visit from two of my friends from Colorado – Ihla and Ruthie and they both were a big blessing to us and together we enjoyed being with the En-Gedi children and staff for a week.  We also were blessed with visit by two officials from Set Free Ministries and another couple from Edmonton, Alberta. 

Taking care of these children and sharing love has brought me very close to my God as many times, I keep checking myself out regarding the call to serve.  Sometimes the children wear me out with play and exercises which is done mostly on the floor and their laughter, and the different ways they all express their joy keep humbling me and keeping me rededicating myself to His service.  Our children are the happiest – and those who have visited us can ascertain that.  The continuing improvement in their different faculties keeps affirming our motto:  “DOING OUR BEST AND GOD DOING THE REST”.  

Our latest lesson has been potty training for 2 boys; one who cannot say a word and the other who struggles to say something.  We are about 60% towards success in that.  And now I have realized that I need some special toilet seats and even children walkers and I am praying that somehow I will get some.

would like to take this chance to thank all of you who have joined me in this ministry of sharing God’s love.  We care for 10 children and in another couple weeks, we will take in a very desperate child abandoned at a relative’s home by a single mom when she noticed the disability with the baby.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and all different kinds of support.  For those of you who sent my birthday (March 29) wishes:  – Ahsante sana. 

To support,   you can send a check to “Set Free Ministries” and clearly indicate “En-Gedi” on the memo line.   You will receive a tax receipt from SFM.   Address: 

Set Free Ministries
700 36th S.E.  Suite 108
Grand Rapids, MI 49548 US
Phone: (616) 726-5400:  Fax:  616-726-5404

Prayer Requests: 

  • For continued health to all our children and staff
  • For continued provision towards our daily needs
  • For God to give us a bigger facility so that we take in a few more children
  • For victory over terrorists attacks from neighboring country.