God has indeed been faithful and very present with us at En-Gedi Home.  We closed the year 2014 with our lovely 10 children: 8 boys and 2 girls – all aged between 3 and 8 years.   Besides the many many gifts that we received for Christmas from friends near and far, we got one special gift which was life, but unfortunately had to give it’s life for us to cerebrate a meal. 


One of the Maasai parents (we have 3 boys from the normadic Maasai herdsmen) brought a life goat which was slaughtered and barbaqued for En-Gedi staff and some boiled for soup for En-Gedi kids.    We also received many visitors mainly from my Presbyterian Church, but also from Churches and families around our local town and the greater Nairobi area.

We witnessed God’s blessings through the Christmas season and into the new Year.    Our Part-time Occupational Therapist continued attending to the children a couple times a week and she has already taught us how to do work-outs with the kids.  The three wonderful Moms have continued to work well with me and with the children and we give God all the glory and the honor. 


The smiles, laughter and different kinds of noises from our kids is an indicator of a home full of joy.  With the children, we build blocks, try to hold pencils to write and try to learn how to read.  Interesting because of the 10 children, only 2 can talk a bit and still none can walk.  All the 10 are bathed each day and 9 use nappies/diapers.  The 2 who can talk a bit have learned how to pray – using just a few wordsand they pray for every meal. 


Godfrey has continued to exercise his leg after surgery, but he still cannot walk.  He is able to stand with some support, but still needs continued therapy and we are doing that with him.  Godfrey is very gifted with designs and we see it when he makes different designs with building blocks.