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En-Gedi Children’s Home – August 2016 update

2016 has continued to be a blessed year for all of us at En-Gedi and I believe for all of you.   All the children and the staff have been healthy and joyous and for that we say “thank you” to God our sustainer.   Most of the children have made huge leaps in both physical and mental abilities and this has continued to affirm our motto – which is “we do our best, and God does the rest”.  God has always surpassed us. 

John who didn’t say a word when he came to En-Gedi can now say three

audible and many inaudible words; David, who started talking two weeks after joining En-Gedi is now able to put together more than 20 building blocks in different designs; Ryan and little “Angel” are now able to count from 1 to 10 – though sometimes not in order.  Jeremiah, the deaf and mute boy is able to walk upright around the room so long as there is some support on the side.  Jessica with crossed legs is now able to lift her back up as well as her legs where the knees cross….. And many more – I am amazed at the great improvements with all the children.  

Construction of En-Gedi New Facility

Construction started early June soon after we dedicated the property to God.  I trust God that construction will not stop because of lack of finances.  We still need a little more than US$300,000 to enable us to complete this facility and move in.  My list of waitlisted children has meanwhile continued to grow and I pray that they will still be living when we are ready to take them in.  Please pray with me for resources.

Once this facility is complete, we will have room to house 30 children – including day care services, classrooms, guest rooms, seminar room and accommodation for seminar participants up to 20 people, equipped therapy room open to the public at a fee and kitchen garden to grow our own green vegetables.  We will also have a few milk goats and chickens for a few eggs for our own food.

We are where we are because you all made a decision to join me in this act of mercy ministry.  Let’s continue to share God’s love and educate many to love unconditionally as God does to all of us.   Thank you for being part of En-Gedi Ministry. 

Exciting News:     At the end of May, I received the most exciting news from the college in which I graduated with my Bachelors degree – Calvin College.   And the news was:  Calvin Alumni Association Board voted to name me a 2016 Distinguished Alumna of Calvin College.  I will be traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan to receive this award during Calvin’s Homecoming Festivities in September of this year.  Very humbled by this honor, I give glory and honor to God who called me to share His love, His freedom and His light to children with special needs, their families and the larger community.   If able to attend, please register for the Maroon & Gold gala event– September 22 from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. and let’s celebrate together.

To support,   you can send a check to “Set Free Ministries” and clearly indicate “En-Gedi” on the memo line.   You will receive a tax receipt from SFM.   Address

Set Free Ministries, 700 36th S.E.  Suite 108
Grand Rapids, MI 49548 US
Phone: (616) 726-5400:  Fax:  616-726-5404

 Prayer Requests:


  • For continued health for all our children and staff
  • For provision of resources to complete our new facility